The Michigan EMS Practitioners Association represents Emergency Medical Services providers and others who have joined together to work toward a common purpose.

Goals and Purposes:

MiEMSPA and its membership have listed these goals and our purpose has been established as follows:

  • Promotion of the professional status of all emergency medical service providers, regardless of the profession in which EMS skills are performed.
  • Provision and dissemination of information on current concepts in and of emergency care, particularly where and when it pertains to government policies and decisions relevant to pre-hospital emergency care.
  • Support and encouragement of on-going professional education for all levels of EMS licensure.
  • Promotion of public awareness of Emergency Medical Service, in the interest of public safety and welfare.

As a member of MiEMSPA, you will become an important part of the only organization in Michigan that represents your concerns and interests. You will be represented by members of the Association and your EMS peers at a variety of legislative and governmental meetings.

MiEMSPA representatives, in cooperation with the Michigan Association of Ambulance Services (MAAS), annually meet to plan Michigan EMS Expo.  Michigan EMS Expo is a time to learn, compete, socialize, and reward special EMS personnel who have best contributed to the betterment of quality pre-hospital emergency care in our state.

MiEMSPA is a vital part of the Michigan EMS Coalition, which was formed by groups interested in the betterment of Emergency Medical Services.  The Coalition's statement of purpose is as follows:

  • To discuss and coordinate common EMS issues and problems.
  • To provide input to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and other organizations.
  • To coordinate public and legislative awareness of Emergency Medical Services.
  • To review and recommend changes in the Emergency Medical Services.