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MiEMSPA members are notified of key developments in emergency services; from proposals for new training requirements to the creation of new programs, to possible fee changes affecting your license.  With MiEMSPA as your partner, your interests are represented during the decision-making process, prior to the implementation of changes.

MiEMSPA and the Michigan Association of Ambulance Services (MAAS) sponsor the annual 3-day Michigan EMS Expo in April.  Expo is a unique learning opportunity that offers over 30 classroom and practical Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) for license renewal, providing interaction with national and local experts and a chance to meet other Michigan EMS professionals.

MiEMSPA is your advocate regarding new legislation or changes in the rules that govern how you practice.  We work with elected and regulatory officials to make sure your interests are represented.

MiEMSPA advocates for EMS practitioners as a member of the Michigan Emergency Medical Services Coordination Committee (EMSCC).  Mandated by state law, the EMSCC, among other responsibilities, advises the legislature and Michigan Department of Community Health on matters concerning Emergency Medical Services.