EMS Practitioneer of the Year Award Recipients



2021 Josh Kay, Southwestern Michigan Community Ambulance Service
2020 ***
 2019  Wayne Blossom, Medstar Ambulance
 2018  Wayne Gooding, Jackson Community Ambulance
 2017  Ken Bailey, North Flight EMS
   Sean Bowers, Ogema County EMS Authority
   Eric Olsen, Life EMS Ambulance
 2016  Rob Benson, Life EMS Ambulance
   Dan Degan, Life EMS Ambulance
2015  Kevin Nawrol, Rockford Ambulance


MiEMSPA will be choosing an EMS provider to receive a “Practitioner of the Year Award”. This award will be presented to the winner at this year’s EMS EXPO at Boyny Mountain Resort. The recipient should exemplify clinical excellence, impeccable service to their community and dedication to the Emergency Medical Service. Please take the time to describe in detail why your nominee should be recognized. Please have your nominations in by April 12th. For a copy of the application, click HERE.